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Blizzard defends the choice of proposing Diablo Immortal on mobile systems

During an interview granted to the editors of VentureBeat, the president of Blizzard, J. Allen Brack, defended the choice of the company to develop Diablo Immortal and to do, in doing so, a video game for mobile systems set in this famous action fantasy dimension

In response to criticism from those who expected the announcement of Diablo 4 to attend the last BlizzCon edition in November last year, the Blizzard Entertainment boss explained that "I don't think it's necessary to talk to every single player and make every game work on all platforms. If you are not a mobile player, our goal (with Diablo Immortal, ed.) is to do it for you try and give it a chance, but not all games are suitable for every person ".

" If you think about the different titles you have on consoles you realize that there is a different feeling compared to many others the games you can have on other consoles or on PC "it is then the message that the president of Blizzard has addressed to those who look with skepticism at the Diablo Immortal project before adding that the latter "will be different. It will be a positive and authentically Blizzard experience that we will bring to that platform, but we are not trying to replicate the PC experience ".

The launch of Diablo Immortal on iOS and Android mobile systems has not yet been announced either if the developers of NetEase claim that the project is now practically ready, on the other hand, the obscure universe of this iconic series continues to be enriched with content thanks to the release, scheduled for tomorrow May 17 of the Diablo 2 Nightmare Season.

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