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Borderlands 3: Randy Pitchford promises a content-rich endgame

The boss of Gearbox Software does not stop feeding the hopes of Borderlands fans and, from the pages of his Twitter profile, confirms that the next title that will sanction the explosive return of the free roaming series of the Crypt Hunters will boast a particularly rich endgame .

In response to those who asked him if at the end of the main Borderlands 3 campaign we will be able to face high level challenges similar to those offered by the expansions and the Raids against the bosses of the second episode, the Gearbox's senior executive explained bluntly that "that stuff will come back, but there will be a lot more" .

More than revealing more details on the game mechanics and the Borderlands 3 endgame experience, therefore, Pitchford merely seizes the opportunity to reiterate that the title will be extremely ambitious with many new contents (one of which, the presence of more than a billion weapons!) that will consolidate the already granitic playful scaffolding of the previous chapters.

While the boss of Gearbox is having fun sending the imagination of Claptrap fans and companions free with his social interventions , the boys of the Texan development house invite us to discover a new message hidden in the cover of Borderlands 3 and remind all interested parties that next May 1st we will be able to attend an in-depth video demonstration of Borderlands 3, with scenes of gameplay and revelations about the plot and the abilities of the characters that can be interpreted.

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