Bungie paid more than $ 100 million to Destiny's rights in the Activision coffers


As we learned last January, the rights of the franchise of Destiny passed entirely in the hands of Bungie after the software company decided to definitively dissolve the partnership that the linked to Activision-Blizzard .

As expected, Bungie obtained total control over his MMO shooter series at a high price: the well-known analyst Daniel Ahmad has in fact revealed that Activision-Blizzard recognized an approximate collection of $ 164 million in revenue and $ 91 million in operating profit linked to the sale of Destiny rights.

Following the separation from Activision Luke Smith, the director of the series, spoke enthusiastically of the move made by Bungie which from now on will be the sole architect of the IP's future. With the abandonment of a supporting publisher, however, maintaining the series at high levels will be equally arduous, without mentioning the self-publishing issues to which Bungie will go from here on.

In the past few hours, the software house showed in video the two new modes of Destiny 2 Gambit Prime and The Reckoning. On our pages you can consult the calendar of the Ramingo Season and all the new contents coming into the game, as well as a guide to reach the level cap 640 with the sizes Picco di Potere.