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C & # 039; is a new message hidden in the cover of Borderlands 3!

After disseminating the announcement trailer for the Borderlands 3 launch date of Morse code signals, those jokers of Gearbox Software invite all the fans to go hunting for a new secret message contained in the inside the official cover of their highly anticipated open world FPS

"Despite an incredible job by internet hounds, many questions from the community still remain unanswered" it is indeed the advice given to us by the team led by Randy Pitchford before giving us clues about the nature of this message and the revelations it could provide: "Who are the Calypso twins? Who is the girl who punches with Maya? When we have more information on the new hunters in the Crypt ? And how the hell does a gun have legs?!? ".

To one of the most recurring questions among the Borderlands community, or how much s the game world will be great, Pitchford himself has already replied, informing us on Twitter that the sci-fi universe of the new chapter of the saga will contain a large number of regions and that, overall, it will offer a decidedly larger map than the one explored by the Crypt Hunters of the previous episodes.

We leave you therefore to the high definition image of the Borderlands 3 cover and we remind those who follow us that the new fatigue shootbox of Gearbox will be available starting from September 13 on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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