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Can Kratos, Dante and Bayonetta defeat Thanos? Let's find out on video!

The boys of Santa Monica Studio firmly believe in their pupil, Kratos . So much to say that the warrior of Sparta, who recently moved to the snow-covered lands of northern Europe, would be perfectly capable of defeating nothing more than Thanos who in the Marvel Cinematic Universe burned the whole Galassia.

This statement was sufficient to to return our Alessandro Bruni to the age of middle school when imaginary conflicts of this magnitude were practically on the agenda. However, he was not content with thinking of a hypothetical clash between Kratos and Thanos: he went much further, putting the Crazy Titan in front of a multitude of heroes from the videogame world, starting from Bayonetta up to get to Dante passing then to Asura, Doomguy, William Blazkowicz, the Prince of Katamari Damay and even Kirby !

imaginary fights completely out of mind some with a predictable outcome, others from the unexpected epilogue. The biggest troubles for Thanos could indeed come from those who would never expect it! To discover the identity of the most powerful warrior of this crossover universe that you can't cross over, we invite you to watch the video at the beginning of the news. The alternative, you can also read the special crowd Tutti Against Thanos by Alessandro Bruni.

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