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Capcom Home Arcade: new console with 16 pre-installed games!

Koch Media today announced Capcom Home Arcade a plug and play console with a unique design. Capcom Home Arcade presents Capcom's iconic two-color logo and offers a classic single-player and multiplayer arcade game experience.

Overcome some single player records, team up with a friend in co-op mode or defeat the your friends in fantastic battles. Upload your top scores directly to the Worldwide High Score Leader board, connecting to WiFi at Capcom Home Arcade, for competing against other players worldwide. Here is the list of games included:

  • 1944: The Loop Master
  • Alien vs Predator
  • Armored Warriors
  • Capcom Sports Club
  • Captain Commando
  • Cyberbots Fullmetal Madness
  • Darkstalkers The Night Warriors
  • Eco Fighters
  • Final Fight
  • Ghouls' n Ghosts
  • Giga Wing
  • Street Fighter II: Hyper Fighting
  • Mega Man The Power Battle
  • Progear
  • Strider
  • Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo

With 16 of the best Capcom titles from the golden age of arcade video games, the two life-size sticks and buttons allow you to play these titles today, as well as in the past in the game rooms. The console is characterized by two Sanwa competition sticks and buttons that offer better response times, precision and durability.

The 16 pre-installed games are original Capcom ROM arcade with emulation supplied exclusively by FB Alpha and offer an authentic and accurate arcade experience. The Capcom Home Arcade will be available on 25 October 2019 in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, the Middle East and Russia.

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