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Capcom hopes to bring Devil May Cry to the Nintendo Switch

We are back to talk about a possible debut of the series Devil May Cry on Nintendo Switch. During a recent interview, the producer Matt Walker and the director of the upcoming Devil May Cry 5 Hideaki Itsuno, spoke in hopeful terms about the possible ports of the old chapters of the series on the big N. hybrid.

"We have not announced anything for Switch, true … Personally speaking, we would love to play a chapter of Devil May Cry on Switch I am one of those who always wants to play anything on Switch. I always ask for ports to be built, but we have not announced anything to the rigurado, so we'll see what happens ".

In short, there are no concrete projects yet, but those responsible for the hack 'n series slash appear to be particularly interested in bringing the franchise for the first time on a Nintendo console. Who knows that sooner or later the Devil May Cry HD Collection can not find its space in the hybrid console title park.

In recent weeks there was talk of a hypothetical introduction of Dante inside the Super Smash Bros. roster. but, precisely because Devil May Cry has never been part of the Nintendo world, it does not seem to be a viable path at the moment.

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