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Capcom would like a sequel to DmC, but developed only by Ninja Theory

Before returning to tread the canonical paths of the action series with the fifth chapter, Capcom had tried to embark on a parallel path with the Devil May Cry franchise, entrusting Ninja Theory with a real reboot published in 2013 .

Unfortunately, although we certainly cannot consider a low quality title, DmC Devil May Cry was not received with particular enthusiasm by the fanbase, which determined its sales success below the expectations of the Japanese publisher. All this then led Capcom to retrace his steps, and then to launch in 2019 Devil May Cry 5 which instead fully satisfied criticism and users.

However, as explained in a recent interview by Hideaki Itsuno, the company is not at all opposed to a hypothetical sequel of the action game developed by Ninja Theory.

"Speaking as developers, we would surely like and abb we thought of again discussing with Ninja Theory to create a sequel to DmC, but unfortunately the thing never took off ".

The producer Matt Walker also added that the collaboration of the Hellblade software house would be essential, in the case the project was drafted:

"We would love a sequel, but must be made absolutely by Ninja Theory : much of the design and substance of that game was made possible only thanks to the fact that they are connoisseurs in terms of style ".

As interesting as it would be to see a second chapter of DmC, at the moment this is a rather unlikely scenario since Ninja Theory is now a property of development of property of Microsoft, and that it is working on an original IP that will probably be published only and exclusively on the platforms of the Redmond giant.

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