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Chiquita Evans is the first woman from

The first act of the second season of the NBA 2K League gives us after three hours the name of Chiquita Evans chosen by Warriors Gaming as a videogame player of his team. As in the NBA, also in its parallel export championship played on NBA 2K the season begins with the draft, ie the moment when the participating teams, climb this year to 21 with the addition of representatives from Atlanta, Brooklyn, Los Angeles and Minnesota, they choose the new players to insert in their own formations.
Evans, as well as all the other candidates present, qualified for the draft 2019 through the results obtained online and invited, therefore, to attend the ceremony hoping to be chosen by one of the teams of the championship . Desire granted: his name was pronounced by the team held by the Golden State Warriors as the 56th choice, becoming the first ever woman in the NBA 2K League . Less fortunate was the other woman present, Brianna Novin, not selected but available as a free agent at any time of the season.

The story

Who was present at the ceremony tells how the applause that accompanied her on stage it was, without surprises, the most thunderous of the evening: " Now everything changes for me " Former player of collegiate and semi-professional basketball until a few hours ago worked as a personal trainer in a gym: from today Evans will have a contract between $ 33,000 and $ 37,000 per season. Without considering the benefits, any prize money from tournaments and accommodation in the gaming house of the team.

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The arrival of Evans also fulfills the wishes of NBA commissioner Adam Silver who had pointed out, almost reproachfully, the lack of gender diversity among the players in the competition. An aspect that was immediately taken into consideration by the Lega that in recent months had started a program that would involve the best players in order to overcome preconceptions and barriers. As Evans said: " I received inappropriate sexist comments from the other players in the past, some told me to come back to the kitchen, others wrote to me that NBA 2K is not for women." A problem also confirmed by statistical data : before the 2018 draft, the League had monitored the situation by finding that male players avoided passing the ball to their teammates.

The reactions

Not even social have spared themselves, as sadly often happens in these cases. When last month, on the day of his thirtieth birthday, had announced the qualification for the draft, the comments received were not the best, indeed. " It was a period when I felt decidedly disheartened and disappointed: for me, the qualification represented one of the best moments of my life, ruined by people who for no apparent reason denounced me on social media " [19659007] Now, however, the compliments also come from the world of NBA and professional basketball. Steve Kerr, Warriors coach on the Royal Parquet, replied before the match against Boston that " should be an inspiration for everyone: chasing his passion broke a barrier. "
there is not even a living legend like Kevin Durant the favorite player of Evans who from today will be his teammate: she in the Warriors Gaming he in the Golden State Warriors . " Exports are now something big and present in everyday life.More people have the opportunity to pursue a professional career and to earn money properly by playing what they prefer ." That is the dream of every sportsman.

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The precedents

There is certainly no lack of precedents for women in professional sports. The luck of electronic sports, moreover, is not to have barriers in this sense: almost all competitions provide for the participation of representatives of the fair sex or, in any case, does not exclude it. The best known example is that of Geguri, at the registry office Se-yeon Kim South Korean player of the Shanghai Dragons. In the League of Legends Russian League currently underway a whole team is made up of women: the Vaevictis Esports, currently with nine defeats in as many games played.

Even in these cases, however, the protagonists do not enjoy excellent consideration from their male counterparts. If Geguri has even had to publicly show that she is the author of the beautiful games seen by her colleagues, except for the excuses of Blizzard, Le Vaevictis were victims of the stereotype that players only use samples support. The opponents have therefore eliminated the choice of five champions in that role, forcing the disciplinary direction of Riot Games to warn them for unsportsmanlike conduct.

A small, last, curiosity : on the videogame there are currently no female playable characters, being totally inspired by the NBA. An issue on which 2K has stated that they are already working with the future introduction of female characters.

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