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Close Combat The Bloody First: registrations open for the Beta

Slitherine announces that the highly anticipated tactical RTS Close Combat The Bloody First is now in Beta. Developers have been working on this wargame in real time for years, trying to make it more and more realistic, tactical and fun.

"Now it's your turn! If you think you have what it takes to drive the Big Red in the three game campaigns, from North Africa to the beaches of occupied France, passing through the invasion of Sicily, now you can subscribe to the beta and help us make the game even better! "

  • A campaign divided into three theaters (Tunisia, Sicily and Normandy), 11 operations and 36 battles
  • A new 3D engine able to guarantee an incomparable level of detail, taking into account the type of ammunition used and the physics of projectiles
  • 32 maps: from the brutal desert of Tunisia to the valleys of Sicily to Normandy
  • For the first time in the series of Close Combat, the Italian army will be present
  • Over 50 vehicles, 300+ infantry and support teams, 100+ different weapons [19659004] Co-op Multiplayer against AI and PvP
  • Scenario Editor

Close Combat The Bloody First is the most recent chapter in the Close Combat series, which has been considered by critics for over two decades players as one of the best tactical RTS ever PC products. The Bloody First will use the new Archon 3D engine. The new chapter will combine the classic tactical gameplay typical of the series with 3D battlefields, passing from the desert valleys of Tunisia to the dreaded "bocage" of Normandy, where American and German tanks will compete in deadly duels.

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