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COD Mobile will have Battle Passes, Battle Royale and Zombie modes? A video leak appeared

During March of this year, Activision and Tencent announced their intention to bring the famous video game Call of Duty on mobile platforms.

For the an opportunity, therefore, a first teaser trailer for Call of Duty Mobile was released, with which the new iteration of the series was therefore presented for the first time to the videogame community. The video promised further information in the near future. However, some leakers seem to have anticipated some of the features of the game.

As you can see at the bottom of this news, a alleged video leak made its appearance on Twitter, which would represent the menu of the beta of the title. From the latter emerges the presence in COD Mobile of a battle royale mode and a zombie mode in addition to the existence of a Battle Pass . As a leak, we remind you that the latter does not constitute official information: the actual presence of these features can in fact only be confirmed by statements made by the development team.

Call of Duty Mobile does not yet have a final publication date, but its debut seems to be currently awaited for 2019 both on Android and on iOS . In addition, further news regarding the saga should soon arrive. In fact, COD 2019 will be the protagonist at the E3 Coliseum, an event whose performance accompanies the traditional Los Angeles fair. The game is currently at the center of numerous rumors, with some rumors pointing to a possible announcement of Modern Warfare 4.

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