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Shigeru Miyamoto is unquestionably one of the most important developers in videogame history: thanks to the brilliant mind of the Japanese author, iconic legends were born that made Nintendo's history, including Mario, Donkey Kong and Zelda. [19659002] After several years of militancy on the front line, Miyamoto saw his role change within the company being now delegated more to supervisory tasks than to direct and intensive development. So what will it be like working alongside one of the most important influences in the videogame industry? Two Nintendo veterans, Shinya Takahashi and Hisashi Nogami, spoke to us during a recent interview with the British newspaper The Guardian:

"He is not involved in the more technical details of development, but oversees entire projects and identifies problems main: "This part is wrong, this too, and EVEN this", jokingly declared Takahashi. "He rarely makes positive comments, and when he does it means he is sincere. He is actually a shy person: even when he thinks that something has been done well, he wouldn't say it so easily ".

Definitely a great source of inspiration, but Miyamoto also represents a constant challenge to be addressed for Nintendo developers in constant and "desperate" pursuit of approval from the master:

"I never received a compliment from Miyamoto" Nogami confessed softly.

" Maybe he just never said it to you openly, but maybe he's very satisfied with you "Takahashi replied ironically.

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