Control: all we know about the new Remedy game in a video


The new "paranormal project" by Remedy, Control coming out this summer, looks like a game out of the ordinary, able to combine the spectacular nature of Max Payne, the manipulation of the scenario of Quantum Break and a cryptic and elaborate narrative like that of Alan Wake.

In short, it could turn out to be the most ambitious work ever conceived by Sam Lake . If our impressions prove to be correct, we will know it only during the summer, when the project will finally see the light. While we wait to be able to test it in first person, let's try then to summarize everything we know about Control

In our Special Video signed by Giuseppe Arace and Luca De Pauli so we follow the trail of digital crumbs left to the ground by Finnish authors following Sam Lake to help us become familiar with the narrative context that will outline the game experience provided by the combat system and the elements related to the exploration of the scenario.

on the title, we refer you to the reading of this article in which the authors of Remedy Entertainment dissect in detail the dynamics of gameplay based on the use of Control's "paranormal" pistol, a multifunctional weapon that the courageous Jesse Faden can evolve and customize according to your own needs.