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Control and the two PS4 expansions: the window of exclusivity "won't be very long"

On the occasion of the presentation of the exclusive contents of Control's preorder, it emerged that two expansions will be exclusive time for the Playstation 4 version .

Apparently, however, Remedy Entertainment seems willing to make the contents available also on PC and Xbox One within not too long time. To provide interesting details on the subject is Thomas Puha Director of Communications at the software house. The latter has in fact recently granted an interesting interview to the portal Wccftech : among the topics touched also, precisely, that of the exclusivity of such contents. In this regard, Puha has indeed declared: " There is an exclusive mission within the Digital Deluxe Edition of the PS4 version, and therefore the expansion pack is partly linked to that. But beyond that, a costume, a mission secondary, and digital themes, the game is the same on all platforms, and all the expansion pass will be available on all platforms, but I can't say what the window of exclusivity will be, except that it won't be very long ". Remedy has therefore not offered specific details, but has nevertheless provided reassurance to users who intend to play Control on Xbox One or on PC.

We take the opportunity to inform you that, just recently, the editorial staff of Everyeye has had the opportunity to meet at the studios of 505 Games the community manager of the game, Vida Starcevic, with whom we discussed Remedy's ambitions and inspirations.

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