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Control: Remedy's ambitions and inspirations

Bionda e statuaria, Vida Starcevic the community manager of Remedy, welcomes us with a great smile, aware that he is presenting to the press a game with controfiocchi, as ambitious as it is potentially surprising. During our tried-and-tested Control, however, only a fraction of the qualities of a work emerged that tries to highlight the visionary talent of the development team again. Before knowing all the secrets of Federal Bureau of Control we will still have to wait quite a while, since the new child of Sam Lake is expected on August 27th on PC, Xbox One and PS4. In order to deceive the wait, we asked Vida some questions, in the hope of being able to satisfy even an ounce of our curiosity.

Ambitions under control

Everyeye.it : The environmental interactivity seen in Quantum Break, the cryptic narrative of Alan Wake, the accurate shooting system experimented in Max Payne: Control seems a summary of previous works by Remedy!
Vida Starcevic : It is a very curious way to define Control, but yes, we can say that you hit the point. Our first goal is to make a great game, a title that people can enjoy for a long time. As in our past works, the aim is to create a balance between gameplay and narration, trying to achieve a very strong balance as we did in Max Payne 2.

Everyeye.it : And in this regard , how did you balance the playful and narrative aspects? From what we have seen, Control seems the most ambitious game ever developed by Remedy.
Vida Starcevic : Control is the result of a constant leveling and improvement process: it is also necessary to have fun gameplay , from our point of view, build a fully engaging narrative. On Control the largest team of writers who have ever collaborated on a Remedy project is at work.

Our team also includes excellent game designers who have a coherent vision of the game they want to create. All these aspects of production, supervised by Sam Lake, actively collaborate with each other, interact, test different solutions, trying to find a good balance for each element.

Everyeye.it : When compared to other Remedy games , Control has a rather unique storytelling, in which the story also lurks – and perhaps above all – within the scenario. What makes Control's narrative unique?
Vida Starcevic : Unlike our previous games, Control is a sandbox experience, much less linear than in the past. If in the last works basically we proceeded in a single direction, observing the intermezzo scenes after a sequence of gameplay, now the team has made great use of environmental narration, with lots of NPCs and different conversations, without counting a large number of secrets hidden in the scenario.

It is a decidedly wider and richer world, both in terms of hidden mysteries and of narration. In the other games, when we started the development process, we first thought of outlining the protagonist, the reasons for his actions and why he was in a particular place. With Control we have instead built the scenario first of all: we designed the game world before any other aspect, its structure and its essence.

Everyeye.it : Remaining on the subject, which sources of inspiration do you did they accompany the creation of the Federal Bureau of Control?
Vida Starcevic : Our greatest source of inspiration is the literary genre of New Weird which mixes fantasy, sci-fi and horror elements, centrifuging them to create something new, mysterious, inexplicable, beyond human understanding. An excellent example of New Weird is the film Annihilation or The Southern Rich Trilogy by Jeff VanderMeer: in short, a set of incomprehensible and supernatural cues.

Everyeye.it : Can you talk more about the personality of Jesse Faden? In some videos you have repeatedly stated that the protagonist is an outsider: do her powers have a metaphorical meaning, perhaps useful to help her overcome her insecurities?
Vida Starcevic : This is a really good question . I suppose it is an aspect that you will have to discover for yourself, experiencing the adventure firsthand. For my part, I can only make some hypotheses and speculations. Honestly, I have never discussed this perspective before, and it is rather fascinating as a possible interpretation.

In a sense, such a view is not to be excluded. On the other hand, when she arrives at the Bureau, she finds herself before an association that has been governed for centuries only by men. She is the first woman in charge. It's like an old club for boys only: and then Jesse arrives, and he has to deal with this past reality, bringing some fresh air into the organization.

Everyeye.it : Why Remedy has chosen to propose a metroidvania structure for Control?
Vida Starcevic : Very trivially, because we intended to try our hand at a completely new type of game for us. The intention is to experience something different. It's the approach we take for each of our new games: we test new solutions from time to time.

Everyeye.it : The setting can be considered like a weapon in the hands of the protagonist. Can you tell me more details about the creative process and design of Federal Bureau of Control ?
Vida Starcevic : One of our most influential sources of architectural inspiration was brutalism, with its strong and obvious structures that support all the Oldest House. And this current has allowed us to model the environment so that each element is positioned in the right place, so that the player exploits it according to his will.

It was a work of cooperation, careful analysis of the level design. What allowed us to achieve a similar balance was the full awareness on the part of all team members of what we were accomplishing: a kind of unique vision, common to all developers.

Everyeye.it : Will Control's secondary missions be all connected to the main quest? And overall, how long will the adventure of the protagonist last?
Vida Starcevic : The main mission focuses on the figure of Jesse, on his personal history, his progressive discovery of the Bureau and its growth in the role of director organization.

And then there are the secondary quests, which will focus on the game world, or on the Federal Bureau of Control, on The Oldest House, on the narrative background of the work. As a guide, the completion of the primary storyline and some optional assignments should keep you busy for about twenty hours.

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