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Crackdown 3: the new update

On the basis of the indications provided by users of Crackdown 3, the authors of Sumo Digital take advantage of the latest update to intervene on the criticalities of the cooperative mode.

The new update of Crackdown 3 available on PC Windows 10, Xbox One and Xbox One X should improve the cooperative's performance during particularly long game sessions and solve some of the problems encountered in the management of bailouts

Also related to the co-op we find the corrective actions made by Sumo Digital in the system used to manage the lobbies and, specifically, the notifications of the sessions being closed due to the abandonment from the servers of one or more players

The British developers also claim to have made several corrections to the shooting dynamics , to the physical engine, to the audio system, to the interface of the main campaign and to the netcode of the mod competitive multiplayer ality Demolition Zone.

Future updates, promising English authors, will continue to improve Crackdown 3's gaming offer in the hope, in so doing, to overcome the contradictions of the work highlighted by both the community and the press sector, as in the case of our review by Francesco Fossetti .

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