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Crytek's Hunt Showdown is now available in Beta on Xbox One

Hunt Showdown Crytek's interesting PVP / PVE first-person shooter, is now available in Beta on Xbox One. It is announced by the German development team itself through the pages of Xbox Wire.

To participate in the test, you have to download the Xbox Insider Hub application select the game from the available contents and click on the button Join. The game Beta client will become available for download at the end of the procedure. Crytek has specified that places are limited and that access will be granted in chronological order: the sooner you arrive, the better! The test session will continue until 15:00 on Monday 20 May. No information was provided on the publication date of the complete title, but during the last Gamescom the team announced that it will be made available first as part of the Xbox Game Preview program.

Hunt: Showdown, remember, is already available on Steam in Early Access. This is a first-person shooter that combines PvP elements with PvE mechanics. Up to a maximum of 5 teams of up to 2 players are called to hunt down a monster. The first team that manages to kill him receives a bounty and automatically becomes a target for all other players in the match. For more information on game mechanics, we recommend reading the Hunt Showdown preview.

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