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Cuphead: how to unlock the new secret bosses on Switch, Xbox One and PC

The new update 1.2 of Cuphead has introduced the novelties of the Switch version of the game also on Xbox One and PC, including 3 secret bosses unpublished to face during the adventure. In this mini-guide we explain how to unlock them.

The new secret bosses of Cuphead can be unlocked during some specific boss fight, performing a certain type of action. Below we explain how to do it

How to unlock Cuphead's new secret bosses

The first secret boss can be unlocked in the Vegetable category. When it is time to face the Giant onion do not attack it: avoid its blows and wait until a furious radish appears. To complete the stage, all you have to do is defeat the giant carrot and the radish that you made appear.

The second secret boss can be unlocked during the clash with Gigio Prodigio . Face it normally until the third phase (the one in which it will scan you). At the end of this phase, shrink to your smallest shape, so as to push Gigio Prodigio to create a giant puppet that will shoot bullets at you. Defeat Gigio and the Marionette to complete the level.

Husband and wife
The third secret boss will be unlocked during the clash with Brunilde Butterfly . Ignore the woman and concentrate your attacks on the flying heart. Jumping on the angelic platform to your left, after a few moments you will hear a "crack". Now you will have to repeat the same actions with the heart and the angel on your right. After doing so, the roof will fall over Sally's husband who will reappear in the next step to help his wife. Defeat them to complete the level.

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