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Cyberpunk 2077, dubbing in Italian in doubt: CD Projekt has not yet decided

Last February, those responsible for the expected Italian Facebook page Cyberpunk 2077 confirmed CD Projekt RED's wish to locate it entirely in our language, both in the texts and in dubbing . The news, predictably, made the whole gamer community of our beautiful country happy.

Well, there are some very uninspiring developments. Apparently, in reality the leaders of CD Projekt RED have not yet decided whether to dub Cyberpunk 2077 in Italian. This was reported by the Lilayah community manager on the game's official forum. In response to a player asking for the final confirmation of the presence of the dubbing, he stated the following: "We would like it to happen, but it is not yet clear, you should wait for an official announcement" .

Those responsible of the official Italian Facebook page, therefore, they may have been wrong and have provided incorrect information. We await the arrival of an official statement from CD Projekt RED to clarify the whole matter. At the moment, the actual presence of dubbing in Italian is uncertain . Instead, the localization of texts and subtitles is taken for granted. Cyberpunk 2077, remember, is in development for the current generation of consoles, but is still lacking a release date. Fortunately, we will soon be able to see him again in action: the title will be present at E3 2019.

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