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Cyberpunk 2077: the Night City insignia will illustrate the game world

After having fed the hopes of their fans with the search for a Release Manager to take care of Cyberpunk 2077, CD Projekt invites all interested parties to apply for role of "Ingame Ads Illustrator" contributing so to fill the game world with signs that enrich the narrative.

"Our ingame advertising design team (such as the posters and signs of Night City or fake magazine advertisements, ed) is looking for an illustrator to strengthen his ranks and make the cyberpunk vision of the new CD Projekt RED project even more fascinating "reads the job announcement published by the Polish software house on the pages of its official website.

The ideal candidate must possess the necessary knowledge to carry out "ingame ads, participating in the creation of advertising and services aimed at c onsumatori of a dark future: from paramilitary medical assistance to firearms, from consumer goods to rapidly evolving cyberware ".

The neon signs that will cover the facades of the skyscrapers of dystopian skyline of Night City and the endless advertisements in which we will encounter exploring the smoky alleys together with netrunner V therefore, will contribute to giving shape to the future according to CD Projekt and to the color vision obscure Cyberpunk 2077, whose official launch date should not be long in coming, considering the expansion of the site and the will, expressed on several occasions by the same leaders of the development company that created the success of The Witcher series, of to hire 250 employees .

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