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Daemon X Machina: Demo available only until

During Nintendo Direct, which took place in February 2019, the possibility was announced for active players on Nintendo Switch to try out a Daemon X Machina Demo.

The latter, available free for download on Nintendo E-shop allows Nintendo users to take a first look at the title and to test some features. However, it appears that this trial version will not be available indefinitely. According to reports from various sources, including Siliconera, it seems that the dedicated page of the official website of Nintendo Japan specifies that the product will be available only until the day Monday, March 11 . [19659003] At the time of writing, the official website of Nintendo Italia does not seem to report this specification. It is therefore not taken for granted that the same provision is also contemplated for the extra-Japanese market. When in doubt, players interested in testing the Daemon X Machina Demo may find it useful to do so over the next few days.

For more information on Daemon X Machina, let's point out that on Everyeye's pages there is a Video Exclusive Interview with the Producer of the Game expected on Nintendo Switch, Kenichiro Tsukuda . You can also refer to our proven Daemon X Machina, signed by Antonello "Kirito" Bello.

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