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Dauntless: the console version for PS4 and Xbox One is released in the summer

The development of the console versions of Dauntless for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will take longer than expected, the same Phoenix Labs authors confirm, informing us that the ambitious roleplay action inspired by Monster Hunter will land on Sony and Microsoft platforms before this Summer .

Simultaneously with this announcement, the Canadian software house anticipates the arrival of the third Season Pass in the PC dimension of Dauntless, thus demonstrating that the postponement of the console version is not due to a problem in the phase of development but, rather, to the need to refine the latest gameplay elements and make the necessary optimizations before the actual publication.

In its new role consolara the project will continue to maintain its free setting -to-play and, consequently, can be downloaded for free by all fans of fantasy adventures in centered on cooperative multiplayer

Also from a purely content point of view, the PS4 and Xbox One edition will not undergo any kind of modification and will implement all the elements of equipment, creatures, game modes and combat mechanics that outline the gaming experience on the PC, including the innovations that accompanied every free update published by the Phoenix Labs team.

Once the work on Dauntless's PlayStation 4 and Xbox One transposition was completed, North American developers promise to concentrate their efforts on the Nintendo Switch version, although for the latter it will be necessary to wait at least until the end of the year .

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