Days Gone: controversy over smaller freaks: are they children? A developer responds


In the past few hours a small controversy has broken out concerning Days Gone. The new exclusive PlayStation 4 with a zombie theme, presents some smaller enemies, called newts, which being short in stature and lighter in body, they would look like children.

If on the one hand it would be a rather realistic choice, given that in a zombie apocalypse even the youngest would be hit, on the other hand such an eventuality could trigger endless controversy given the delicacy of the theme and the treatment always benevolent that it is reserved for video games by the generalist press

Emmanuel Roth of Sony Bend : “No, no “Child Trafficking. Really, they are more like a crawling creature, inserted for a different kind of gameplay. A variation from the creatures already present. They are very interesting, they are afraid of bigger freaks and have to hide from them to avoid being prey to them.” but they’re still dangerous. They’ll watch Deacon’s health, and when it’s low they’ll jump on him to attack him. We’ve hidden some here and there to surprise the players. “¬†Another representative of Sony further clarified the question: “We do not look at any of the freakers as human beings. They are all cannibal creatures and with a ferocious appetite based on instinct alone. The virus has turned them into something completely new. “

Not just no children, then, but not even people in general. The monsters in Days Gone, according to the developers, have nothing human about them.