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Days Gone: Francesco Fossetti answers the questions of the community

Escape from the zombie apocalypse of Days Gone and returned to civilization with a wealth of knowledge on the undead to envy the protagonists of the TV series The Walking Dead, Francesco Fossetti answered the questions posed on Everyeye On Demand's YouTube channel and showing unpublished gameplay scenes

In this rich Q & A session embellished with a gaming session, the Fossa helped clarify the community's doubts about the quality of the work and the real ambitions nourished by the US developers.

During the last, intensive test on the road had been interpreting the motorcyclist Deacon St. John, in fact, have emerged all the merits of the narrative plot written by the American subsidiary of Sony to write the story of Days Gone .

If the plot seems to paint a rather coherent and engaging picture, however, the game system can not maintain itself on the same qualitative level: net of a well-built open-world component, the shooter mechanics and all the animations responsible for managing the controls are subject to rather obvious stumbling blocks. Nothing that can not be "adjusted" before the marketing of the title, however.

For the final response on Days Gone, in any case, we must wait for our review that you will find on these pages near the launch of the last blockbuster post -apocalittico of Sony Bend scheduled for April 26 exclusively on PlayStation 4. Meanwhile, we leave you to the video Q & A that stands at the top of the article and the deepening on Days Gone edited by Francesco Fossetti .

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