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Days Gone has already exceeded the total sales of God of War in Japan

Despite the foreign criticism did not appreciate it, Days Gone is taking off much more than a satisfaction on the market, especially in Japan. According to the latest figures provided by Famitsu, in the Land of the Rising Sun the sales of the Bend Studio title have surpassed those of other more exclusive Sony brands, God of War above all .

During its second week on the Japanese market, Days Gone sold 33,876 copies, reaching a total of 148,195 units . This is a quantity greater than that recorded throughout their life cycle by God of War (totaling 125,000), Detroit: Become Human (116,000) and The Last Guardian (130,000). Apparently, Japanese gamers like zombies more than Norse gods androids and fantastic creatures. More distant, however, exclusive as Uncharted 4 (207,000), Horizon Zero Dawn (281,000) and Marvel's Spider-Man (415,000). Will he achieve at least Nathan Drake's latest adventure? The assumptions seem to be there, we'll see.

Things are going well in the rest of the world anyway. In April, Days Gone was the best-selling game on the European PlayStation Store, while in the United Kingdom and Italy it continues undaunted to reach the top of the list of most purchased games.

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