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Days Gone Game Director, Jeff Ross has chatted with GameSpot colleagues to discuss the importance of the narrative and gameplay dynamics that we will experience in the post-apocalyptic dimension of Sony Bend for PS4

According to Ross, the Digital Oregon of Days Gone will be "a beautiful and sinister environment." Honestly, it will be like a character of the game, in its own way, by exploring it, you would see snow in the morning and you could get hot at lunch, and then witness again a snowfall or a night downpour, in these parts it can snow until June or even until July. a dynamic environment and therefore we are not really doing much from this point of view, we are only offering what is there ".

The changing weather conditions of the open-air setting of Days Gone, suggest and Ross, will therefore have direct and immediate reflections on the attitude assumed by the protagonist, Deacon St. John, and of course on the Zombies' tide of the Infected, producing effects that will be reflected on the strategies to be implemented in each mission and on the approach adopted in the boundaries free roaming.

See you next April 26 then, to immerse ourselves in the atmosphere of Days Gone along with all fans of action free roaming and survival horror on PlayStation 4. Waiting, refer to the reading of the interview granted to Francesco Fossetti from John Garvin the creative director of the latest post-apocalyptic epic of Sony Bend.

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