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Days Gone: the best Easter eggs and hidden secrets in a video!

Like any self-respecting open world, Days Gone is also packed with Easter eggs, quotes and secrets hidden around the vast game world. Sony, after all, has already become widely accustomed to such operations, since even Horizon: Zero Dawn, God of War and Marvel's Spider-Man are full.

We have so well thought of collecting in a video the best references to games, movies, books and characters that we managed to find in the besieged Oregon by the Furiosos shaped by the boys of Bend Studio. Before continuing, in any case, we would like to inform you that there may be spoilers on the main campaign of the game. Think about it, before watching the video.

The first secret of note is inspired by Dark Souls a famous series developed by FromSoftware: it is a bonfire in which, instead of the classic sword, a machete is stuck, much more in line with the characterization of the game world of Days Gone. Gifts to the bonfire of Dark Souls are also present in other titles, as in Dishonored: The Death of the Outside (on the roof of the bank) and on the Eichenwalde map of Overwatch, They could also not miss the Easter eggs inspired by one of the most famous games of Sony Bend, Siphon Filter ! Specifically, by completing the Black Hunt story 100% and having witnessed the final sub-story cutscene, you will receive the taser from agent Gabriel Logan which can be used to roast the Furiosi. His initials, G.L.!

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are also drawn on it. For all the other secrets, we refer you to the attached video on top of this news. Days Gone is available exclusively on PlayStation 4, where it is making good sales: in Japan, for example, it sold more than God of War!

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