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Days Gone: the campaign will last at least 30 hours, with 6 hours cutscene

New information about the duration of Days Gone is coming, and it seems that the highly anticipated exclusive PlayStation 4 can keep us busy for a long time. According to the latest reports in fact, the duration of the game will be around 30 hours, and that a substantial part of them will be dedicated to the cutscenes.

If what was reported is indeed confirmed, we expect a total of six hours of movies, for a ratio of gameplay / cutscenes of about 80% / 20%, which should satisfy lovers of the storytelling of the game, and do not bother too much the most devoted players to pure action.

In reality the part played could very probably be even a little higher than the pitted numbers just now. Sony last year declared that to complete the game it takes, as mentioned, at least 30 hours, which means that most players will take more time. Then we have to consider the fact that many users will be looking for secrets, trophies and so on, and here is that the minutage related to the part played grows more and more.

But this is a confirmation that Sony has place particular attention to the narrative part of the game, a feature that saw the cut of some of the most appreciated titles of the last period, the players have shown particularly appreciate.

The videogame will be available from April 26, exclusively on PlayStation 4 . To learn more, we recommend that you take a look at our video that contains all the information that has emerged so far and, of course, our preview of Days Gone.

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