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Days Gone: weekly challenges and survival mode coming up in June

From the pages of the official PlayStation Blog, Sony Bend Game Director Jeff Ross informs us that the post-launch support of Days Gone will be particularly rich in novelties, starting with the June update which will bring Survival mode and Weekly Challenges .

On the three difficulty levels that can be selected upon exiting the highly anticipated post-apocalyptic action exclusively on PS4 (ie Easy, Normal and Hard), in the course of the month of June a fourth level will be added that will put the bikers Deacon St. John to the test.

In Survival Mode Jeff Ross explains to us that the players will not be able to use the Fast Transfer and the Survivor View: the game interface will also be modified to make the experience more immersive through the removal of maps and more "intrusive" screen indicators such as those that signal the movement of persistent zombie hordes.

Also starting from June it will also be possible to try out new weekly challenges based on Deacon's bike, on the hordes and on combat. Each of these challenges will focus on the key gameplay mechanics of Days Gone, allowing us to deepen our knowledge to gain additional items and rewards.

In the meantime, we remind those who follow us that Days Gone will be available exclusively on PS4 starting from 26 April and you will find our review on these pages starting tomorrow, Thursday 25 April.

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