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Days Gone will have a day one patch: the weight of the game revealed

There are only a few days left to the launch of Days Gone and the hero of the post-apocalyptic action of Sony Bend is preparing to dart on PS4 riding his motorcycle.

It is no coincidence, therefore, if the colleagues of Playfront.de were able to get the presskit and to find out, thanks to the review copy contained in it, the weight of the game and the first details on Day One Patch .

According to the editorial staff of the German video game magazine , those who wish to explore the dark-colored universe of Days Gone will have to reserve not less than 67 GB of space on the hard disk of their PS4 or any external disk for the last effort open world by Sony Bend connected to one of the console's USB 3.0 ports

The title's size, at least from the point of view of the mere space occupied on HDD, should be aligned with those of the other open world adventures on the market: always based on the information shared by P layfront also seems that the title will receive a launch patch from low weight to bring the game to version 1.02 and introduce a whole series of corrections to the bugs found when the game was reached Gold phase

In any case, the marketing of Days Gone is scheduled for April 26 exclusively on PlayStation 4: on these pages you can read our review starting from April 25 to find out what we think of the last epic free roaming by Sony Bend starring the biker Deacon St. John and, of course, the Infected we will encounter in persistent hordes of 500 zombies.

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