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Dead or Alive 6: Fatal assaults, devastating shots, Guide to new mechanics

The new Dead or Alive 6 by Koei Tecmo has introduced several new features in terms of gameplay, proposing some unpublished mechanics such as the Fatal Assaults and the devastating shots . In this mini-guide we will present them all in detail.

Fatal Assaults

The fatal assaults represent one of the new mechanics of Dead or Alive 6 designed for beginners. Thanks to them, in fact, it is possible to unleash a simple attack combined by the repeated pressure of a single button. Ideal for novice users with fighting games.

Indicator devastation

Another new mechanic of Dead or Alive 6 is the Indicator devastation. As the name suggests, it is an indicator that fills steadily and gradually as you execute your attacks. Once you have filled it, you will be able to unleash the full strength of your fighter thanks to the devastating Shots (we'll talk about it in the next paragraph)

devastating shots

filling the devastation indicator with a fatal assault is a practice that will follow in many. Why? If your devastation indicator is full and you perform a fatal assault combo, your character will trigger a devastating blow of great power, few words the equivalent of the Critical Strike seen in Dead or Alive 5.

Attack behind

The attack on the shoulders (Fatal reversal) is among the new most interesting and effective mechanics introduced in the game. Using the fatal button along with directional input, players will quickly move around an enemy and then reappear behind them. Take advantage of this window of time to score a powerful and unexpected attack.

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Enhanced Juggle

The juggle combos remain a cornerstone of the fighting game, and could not miss in Dead or Alive 6. What is noteworthy, however, it is that the developers are trying to further improve this type of combo, to allow players to use the ground bounce system to further extend their juggles.

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