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Death Stranding: Hideo Kojima unveils a new entry in the Japanese cast

Hideo Kojima has unveiled that today a new recording session was held regarding the Japanese dubbing of Death Stranding. For the occasion, the game designer also wanted to present a new entry in the cast of the game.

This is Maaya Sakamoto presented by the same Kojima in a tweet in which the two are next to Kenjiro Tsuda who instead plays the protagonist from the features of Norman Reedus . His character has not yet been revealed.

Sakamoto then joins the other two female dubbing machines of the game: Nana Mizuki (the woman with the umbrella, a tribute to Mary Poppins) and Kikuko Inoue which gives voice to the character played by Lindsay Wagner.

For her it is the first collaboration with Hideo Kojima, but it is not new to the world of video games: it is indeed of the Lightning and Aerith voice actress in Final Fantasy, Aigis in Persona, and Kai in Valkyria Chronicles 4, just to mention some of her most famous roles.

Maaya Sakamoto is also an accomplished singer in her homeland, and she also sang the original signature of the anime known in Italy as The skies of Escaflowne in 1996. In short, a respectable entry for the cast of the highly anticipated videogame.

Death Stranding is currently without an exit date, even if rece the preorders of the game have been opened. A release is assumed in each case by the end of 2019.

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