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Demonetized a video of Fortnite published by Ninja on Youtube for

Ninja is extremely well known in the videogame panorama. The streamer is in fact among the most well-known content creators, thanks also to its activities related to Fortnite .

Ninja is active on Twitch, but also on the well-known platform Youtube on which has a following of about twenty million subscribers. On his Channel he has often published numerous contents related to the Epic Games Battle Royale. Recently, however, one of the video Fortnite published by him was the protagonist of a bizarre event.

As you can see at the bottom of this news, in fact, the Streamer has shared through his Twitter account official an unusual chirp. In fact, it shared with the public the news that one of his Videos dedicated to Fornite published on Youtube had been identified by the platform as containing elements referring to blood and violence . As a result, the content was the subject of demonetization . An event that, having for object Fortnite, left rather perplexed the same Ninja . Fortunately, however, it seems that the misunderstanding quickly resolved. On Twitter, in fact, the Streamer was joined by members of the Youtube Team itself, who reassured him that it was probably a simple error .

Ninja is now an extremely well known figure in the Fortnite-related Videogame Community, but not only. Suffice it to think that his success allowed him to be the protagonist of an event, lasting twelve hours, dedicated to Provided transmitted by none other than Times Square on the occasion of the New Year notes!

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