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Destiny 2: all the details of Cosmic Risk, l

As promised, the boys of Bungie regain the media stage to illustrate in detail all the news that will affect the Guardians of Destiny 2: The Renegades during Cosmic Risk the second expansion of the Annual Pass which will mark the beginning of the Ramingo Season

The first of the additional contents related to Cosmic Risk will be represented by Azzardo Eccelso a variant of the now famous challenges in the arena proposed by the Ramingo of the Tower that, while continuing to articulate in shifts, will try to break the relative monotony of the firstegenie activities with the introduction of Specializations for each of the members of his own Guardian team.

Parallel to the challenges of Azzardo Excellency we will see then arise the new activities Verdict with a range of PvE missions related to the exploration of the Solar System on behalf of the Ramingo and of the Emissary of the Nine . To access it, "just" complete the first game of Primordial Azzardo and follow the indications provided by the relative Triumph.

The very presence of the Emissary of the Nine will then give to that tentacled funny guy of Xur, and to us with him, the possibility of undertake new missions through unprecedented weekly sizes called Invito dei Nove . All this, with the addition of the inevitable exotic Exotic weapons, the new Triumphs and Books of Legends that will enrich the lore and the endgame together with the expansion of the rotation of maps by Azzardo Eccelso.

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As experienced by users of Armeria Nera during the Forge Season, therefore, once again the authors of Bungie promise to "strategically" divide the activities to be carried out in order to allow us to calmly take advantage of all the novelties that we will experience from here to the end of the Season, scheduled for the end of May of 2019.

Cosmic Risk and the contents of the Ramingo Season will be available free of charge for the purchasers of the Destiny 2 Annual Pass: I Renegade from Tuesday March 5 coinciding with the reset of the weekly activities of the sci-fi shooter of Bungie which will take place both on PC and on Play Station 4 and Xbox One.

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