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Destiny 2: Does Sony oppose the transfer of characters between platforms?

The ability to transfer characters between different versions of Destiny 2 is one of the most requested features by players. To all those who have changed consoles, an option to transfer their guardian would be very convenient, to avoid starting all over again. Unfortunately, this opportunity is not present.

Those who play Destiny 2 and the like know very well how much effort is required to grow a character and shape an adequate collection of weapons and equipment. The lack of an option to shift progress from one platform to another, it seems, is not due to Bungie but to Sony. Or, at least, that's what Jason Schreier said during the podcast Kotaku Splitscreen . According to the journalist, who in recent times has gained further popularity thanks to the investigation on BioWare and Anthem, Bungie would like to implement the transfer of the characters, but Sony does not allow it . The reason? According to Schreier, the Japanese company wants players to associate the Destiny franchise with PlayStation 4.

Since the parties have neither confirmed nor denied these claims, we advise you to take them with pliers. In any case, it's not the first time someone talks about Sony's reluctance to open the boundaries of its gaming platform. There are really many developers who claim to have received a negative response from the Japanese company.

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