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Destiny 2: how to get Aculeo, Guide to

With the arrival of the new Ranger Season, the players of Destiny 2 can get hold of Aculeo a powerful exotic portable cannon from the first chapter of the series. In this mini-guide we explain how to get it by completing its quest.

After getting your hands on a non-working version of Aculeo to get the weapon you will have to complete the seven steps of the undertaking "When the Unknown becomes a Weapon". Listed below:

A piece of molten metal

Despite the damage, you recognize Aculeo, a legendary weapon capable of cutting the Light from the guardians. The one in your possession is broken, but fortunately there is a chance to fix it. The first thing to do is bring the broken Spike to Banshee-44 at the Tower.

The essence

Banshee suggested some rare components that you could use to restore Aculeo. The first check on the list is the hadronic essence. Collect it by completing the sizes for Asher Mir on Io, defeating the sorcerers in Crogiolo or completing Cala la Notte . The Cala la Notte provide more progress


The next check on the list requires the plating of plastacciaio a very resistant plastic hybrid used by the Titans for their workability. You can pick it up by completing the bounties for Sloane on Titan, defeating the Titans in the Crucible or completing fights in the Blind Pit. The heroic blind well provides more progress

The constraint

The last check on the list is sapphire cables another hard-to-find object, originally used by hunters for its versatility. You can collect it by completing the bounties for Ana Bray on Mars, defeating the hunters in the Crucible or completing a wave of the Intensification Protocol. The waves of the intensification protocol provide more progress.

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When the unknown becomes a weapon

The mechanisms of the gun seem to work, but it does not yet possess its own intrinsic power. To reconnect the Light to the weapon, defeat the guardians in Crucible using the energy from empty or the portable cannons . Precision kills in series with portable vacuum guns provide much more progress. Progress is multiplied during the Iron Banner or in the Competitive playlist.

Something is still missing

The original Aculeus was closely related to the hive. Going around the tower asking for information about the origin of a banned weapon is not a good idea, but there are more reserved places to ask questions. Places where the most knowledgeable Cryptarchs could relax and do their work in peace … Visit Tyra Karn at the Refuge. The refuge is accessible from the European Dead Zone.

Chasm of the Screams

Tyra refers to something known as the path of hatred. A sort of manual to transform an ordinary portable cannon into Aculeo. To complete the last step of the enterprise, defeat the referees Sardav and Telesh and finally Canto of Savathûn in the adapted version of the assault "Canto di Savathûn "on Titan.

Completing all the steps listed above, you will finally enter the possession of a working version of Aculeo, one of the new weapons introduced in Destiny 2 with the Rowing Season.

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