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Destiny 2 Lore: the origins of the Nine and the Emissary

The Nine have long been one of the greatest mysteries of Destiny. We heard of them already at the dawn of the first chapter thanks to the figure of Xûr, the enigmatic agent of the Nove ready to sell us exotic weapons and armor in exchange for the equally enigmatic strange coins. Then, with the arrival of Destiny 2, it was the turn of the Trials of the Nine, organized by the austere and intriguing Emissary, which did not make the picture any clearer. Now, thanks to the new content added with Azzardo Cosmico, or the second content of the Annual Pass, we have finally learned the truth about the nature of these elusive entities

The origins and history of the Nine

The origins of the Nine they lose in the sands of time. They were born millions of years ago when a stream of dark matter, which wandered through our galaxy, entered the Solar System undergoing the gravitational attraction of the Sun and of the various planets (Mercury, Venus, Earth etc).
This event originated a phenomenon that allowed dark matter, in an unspecified way, to assume its own consciousness. Thus the Nine were born. Their entire existence was closely connected to the stars and the life that grows on them, which is why the Nine tend to act in defense of the living beings of the Solar System.

When the Traveler arrived in Solar System bringing the Light with him, attracted the attention of the Nine who decided to study it. However, they were forced to make use of the services of some intermediaries, such as Xûr and then the Emissary, to bypass their biggest limitation: not having a physical corporeity. The Nine, in fact, despite being omnipresent in the Solar System, do not have bodies in the strict sense of the term, they are therefore entities of pure thought and pure consciousness.

This limit, for some of the Nine, became increasingly heavy, so much so that one of them, convinced that the Light could be the solution to the corporeal question, came to devise an extremely dangerous plan: to allow Dominus Ghaul to attack the Tower hoping to be able to then steal from him the secret of controlling the Light. To do this, the enigmatic Nine deactivated the Earth's network of satellites, preventing the Tower from learning in advance the arrival of the Red Legion and thus allowing Ghaul to trap the Traveler . The plan actually turned against the same Nine when Ghaul deployed the Almighty, an imposing machine capable of destroying the entire Solar System and with it, therefore, also the protective entities of the various planets. For this reason, the other members of the Nine severely punished the author of the plan in ways unknown to us.

The Nine however did not give up and sought another way to create a physical body . This time they decided to try to manipulate the matter by creating new molecules.

These experiments took place in the area known as Cocito, an ancient human research station occupied by portals from the Hive which were then abandoned following death. of Crota. In this regard we cite the report received from the praxic witch Aunor:

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" The first visitors to emerge from the third portal were simple hydrogen atoms. […] At the stroke of the eightieth hour, our first macroscopic visitor: a bullet of black and dense pitch.At 82:34:15, the portal emitted pitch containing monomers and polymers of ever increasing complexity.Then visitors began to take on a geometric shape, a series of cubes and hexagons. […] At 524: 03 : 11 a living organism appeared. The death was immediate. […] At 690: 92: 45 the portal emitted a tubular organism, for ninety seconds the organism moved into the portal chamber, contracting and expanding, then it was spirato. "
Triumphs, Legends, Stolen Information, Cocito.

It is evident that the Nine are even trying to create life with the aim of incarnating in the fis casings ici made specifically to contain their conscience. The exasperated search for a finally tangible body highlights all the fragility of these ancient and unfathomable entities.

The Alliances of the Nine

During their millennial existence, the Nine formed various alliances with the various creatures that inhabited the Solar System. First, the Nine had a special relationship with the Insonni and with Mara Sov which they called "the Astuta". The Nine always seem to carefully monitor Mara's moves, which, however, have repeatedly stated that they do not trust them. During one of the visits to the Court of the Queen, Mara warned our guardians of the fact that the Nine are entities dedicated to deception and to continuous plots, thus warning us about the honesty of their intent.

this fact, in addition to the aforementioned sabotage against the Tower, we can mention the release of Skolas, the Kell of the Wolves, which unleashed chaos and destruction on the Atoll, on Earth and on Venus. In fact, Skolas was freed by Xûr under direct command of the Nine after Mara had donated the Kell to the Nine.

In addition to the Sleepless, the Nine, in a remote past, became friends with the Ahamkara hoping to be able to obtain the much-needed corporeality through their desire. In reality, this trick was unsuccessful but the relationship between the Nine and the shapeshifting dragons remained very tight so that, when Oryx managed to corrupt the last of the Ahakmara or Riven, the Nine were profoundly frightening, ending up in a state of profound alarm .

Recently, the Nine have formed an alliance with the Ramingo with the aim of warding off a new and imminent apocalypse that would happen to invest the entire Solar System. Whether it's the arrival of the pyramid ships? Impossible to know for sure.

To seal the alliance, the Nine gave the Ringer the "sphere" that we see attached to his ship. This spherical object also contains access to one of the worlds of the Nine, mysterious places found in the Unknown Space. It is always thanks to the knowledge of these entities that the Ramingo is currently able to create Corrupted made-to-measure, made of a different material than that of the original Corrupts shaped by Oryx. We guardians face these new corrupt people during each game of the Bold One. The alliance with the Ranger is also made possible by the close relationship that links him to the Emissary.

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Human, sleepless, guardian, emissary

The story of the Emissary is a story of death and rebirth. Born with the name of Nasya Sarwar the future Emissary was part of the crew of the human ship Yang Liwei, in which she distinguished herself for her communication skills. Nasya became an insomniac following the clash between Light and Darkness that hit the entire ship. After the transformation Nasya, which took the name of Nasan Ar, lived in the parallel universe known as Distributor together with the other Insonni (it is, for those who were not aware of it, a parallel "miniature" universe, generated by the spatial singularity who swallowed the Exodus Green ship).

Here he became a faithful follower of Mara Sov and friend of the first Ira of Queen Sjur Eido . When Mara decided to leave the Distributor to return to the Solar System, Nasan followed without hesitation. However, it happened that a group of Sleepless, dissatisfied with Mara's leadership, abandoned his assembly to settle on planet Earth, the ancient cradle of humanity. Nasan was struck by this defection so much that she decided to go herself to Earth to convince the other Sleepless of Mara's goodness.

Nasan then went to our planet but never managed to meet the other Sleepless. Two weeks after his arrival, Nasan was killed in his sleep by a group of Reborns (as the first Guardians were called) alarmed by his mysterious and alien appearance.
A few days later a specter revived Nasan who thus became the guardian known as Orin. Orin, after witnessing the horrors perpetuated by the Warlords – Reborns who used the Light in a merciless and criminal way – chose to join the Pilgrim Guard, the first order of Titans in the Guardian story. Orin proved to be a skilful sunflower and a brave warrior.

" Orin feels great affection for his bosses and his friends. He loves his small community of camps … but he never wanted to become a soldier. "
Triumphs, Legends, Twilight and Dawn, Ecdisi: Hammer of War.

After going to the Last City Orin finally managed to meet the Sleepless who had settled on Earth and with them also found love. The guardian in fact fell in love with Namqi Sen, a sleepless pilot, with whom he shared a passion for exploration and great adventures. Orin convinced Namqi to venture beyond the Vestiano Outpost, aka the Atoll, openly violating the laws of the Sleepless.

The two ended up in handcuffs in the presence of Mara, who revealed to Orin his past, forgotten at the time of the resurrection operated from the Specter. Despite her ancient connection with Mara, Orin was sentenced to five years of total servitude to the crown.

At a certain point, however, Orin was summoned with the utmost urgency by Mara who asked her to investigate the death of Sjur Eido, trusting in his guardian skills to flush out the culprits. Orin followed the traces of the alleged murderers of Sjur, who had left a strange coin on his body, up to a sublunar cavern in the area of ​​Jupiter's satellites. Here Orin met Xûr who asked for forgiveness; the Titanide in response threw a hammer of Sol against Xûr that was seriously injured in the back (that's why it has a rather curved posture). The agent of the Nine, before escaping, left a small silver jar on the ground that Orin pierced with his knife. From the container some dust came out which caused strange visions to the guardian.

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" Orin began to perceive hallucinations. Strange immaterial figures spoke to her in unrecognizable languages. "
Trionfi, Legends, Twilight and Dawn, Ecdisi: Sinestesia.

Shortly afterwards, Namqi died due to the attack of the mysterious Aphelion (lethal creatures we know very little about); this threw Orin into utter despair. A friend of Orin tried in every way not to let her fall into the abyss of depression, this friend was none other than the Ranger.

The guardian, however, continued her inner martyrdom: she was tormented by the visions that, after the meeting with Xûr, they had never abandoned her, and felt like a call. He decided to go to the margins of the Solar System to find answers and to understand who summoned her to such a remote area.

Arrived beyond the borders of the heliopause (the maximum boundary that the Sun's light reaches in our system), Orin met the Nine who submitted it to the so-called "judgment", transforming it into what Mara Sov called "an empty shell". Orin lost the specter and with it the Light, receiving new powers in exchange. The Emissary of the Nine was born.

" One day he left in search of the Nine, the Techniques call it Orin the Lost. […] He went beyond the heliopause. A long journey. A sudden death. An immigrant, a translator, an emissary , a hammer of judgment. They expect to claim his will, but she keeps it a little tighter. Her gifts can put
an end to the wars.
Triumphs, Legends, Twilight and Dawn , Ecdisi: Libra.

In reality, thanks to visits to the world of the Nine we were able to discover how part of the consciousness and memories of Orin have not completely vanished especially as regards the his past as a guardian. Often the Nine rely on the judgment ability of the Essarria, in particular with regard to "human" issues such as feelings, demonstrating how the ancient geomorphic entities are not able to understand concepts that are basic for us like love or hatred .

The Nine still conceal great secrets but almost certainly we will be able to interact with them again in the future of the Destiny saga. Perhaps one day they will be able to have the much coveted physical form and we will be able to meet them face to face, or they will remain forever ethereal and elusive entities.

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