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Developarty 2019: Immortal Party project presented in video

During the tenth edition of Svilupparty, the party of Italian developers, the MoreCroissants team presents the sparkling project of Immortal Party, an arcade video game dedicated to local multiplayer.

Immortal Party was created during the year scholastic by a group of 20 students of the Event Horizon of Milan : the teaser trailer proposed by the young developers gathered under the MoreCroissants label does not show actual play scenes but offers us some food for thought on the experience that awaits us at the launch of this title.

The Milanese authors describe the title as "frantic and full of surprises" set in a parallel dimension upset by a mysterious event that will transform the playable characters into immortal heroes and push them to battle inside arenas full of traps.

Each challenge launched by the Immortal Party protagonists, it will project us in the most dangerous places in the world to participate in a sport of their invention. We therefore hope to offer you the first gameplay trailer of this project as soon as possible and, in the meantime, we refer you to the completeastarty 2019 calendar and to the in-depth card on the games present at the event to be held between 17 and on May 19 in Bologna.

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