Devil May Cry 5: broken Day One in the United Kingdom?


According to some international sources, some copies of Devil May Cry 5 are already on sale in the United Kingdom, although the launch date is set for Friday March 8th at the same time worldwide.

If the break of the day is generally one is frequent in Middle East it is much less in Great Britain where retailers are very careful to respect the dates imposed by publishers and distributors, in order to avoid incurring severe penalties

It is not clear what chain or independent shop has already put up for sale Devil May Cry 5 in the UK, at the moment in any case the day one does not seem to have been broken in other European countries, including Italy. Devil May Cry V will be released on Friday, March 8 on PS4, Xbox One and PC, considering the break of day one, attention to spoilers on YouTube, forums and social networks.