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Devil May Cry 5: Censored a play scene in the Western Version Playstation 4?

Devil May Cry 5 is finally available for all the players who could not wait to get back dressed as Dante on Pc and on the flagship consoles of Sony and Microsoft.

With the publication of the Title, however, some players seem to have noticed a peculiarity of the Western version Playstation 4 of the Game. It seems that one of the Cut-Scene of the Game was the subject of a partial censure. The protagonist of the same is the female character Trish.

Without providing details that could be unwelcome spoilers, it seems that a particular scene of Devil May Cry 5 in which the character appears undressed, has been modified in PS4 western version of the Game. Some parts of the body of Trish would in fact have been "hidden" through an artistic device, which exploits some effects of light to partially hide the figure of the woman. We will not offer further details, as many readers and readers may not have reached this point in history yet. For those who want to know more, however, we report the presence on the Youtube platform of a Comparative Video of the scene in question, in the Japanese version and in the English version of the Game. Done quite curious, the different lighting does not seem to be present in the PC and Xbox One versions of Devil May Cry 5.

In closing, we remind you that on our pages there is already our review of Devil May Cry 5, edited by Francesco Fossetti, and a mini guide dedicated to obtaining the secret of the Game.

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