Devil May Cry 5: co-op multiplayer and new character coming?


Capcom has repeatedly confirmed that the only extra content planned for Devil May Cry V will be the Bloody Palace mode, arriving during the spring as a free DLC. Some dataminer however have discovered other interesting contents whose references are hidden in the source code of the game …

According to emerged, one speaks of the possible support for the Multiplayer Co-Op, probably alone in Bloody Palace modality, besides in the code have been found references to Vergil a character that could return as a downloadable DLC or as part of a large free update.

At present, nothing reported has been confirmed by Capcom, the only certainty is the next publication of Palazzo di Sangue available indicatively during the spring. Meanwhile, the Osaka house ended up in the eye of the storm due to a DMC 5 censorship applied only to the Western version for PlayStation 4.