Devil May Cry 5: Digital Foundry promotes the PC version with flying colors


In its new video analysis, Digital Foundry examined the PC version of Devil May Cry 5 the most recent chapter in the unleashed action series of Capcom .

Exactly how happened with Resident Evil 2 Remake, also in this case it seems that the development team has done an excellent job of optimization. The frame-rate is obviously the focus of a frantic game like Devil May Cry 5 and for this reason it was crucial that the graphic effects did not go to excessively influence the frame-rate of the title. [19659003] Making a comparison with the Xbox One X version of the action game, we see how some graphic filters, including anti-aliasing, options for the quality of shadows, environmental occlusion and textures, are naturally more advanced on PC. It is also emphasized that in the console counterpart the game deactivates or reduces elements such as volumetric lighting in the active gameplay phases, and reinstates them only during the cutscenes. On PC, on the other hand, you can personalize your experience to the maximum and potentially enjoy all the effects in any game context. For more details, see the video at the top

We remind readers that Devil May Cry 5 is now available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.