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Devil May Cry 5: director Hideaki Itsuno against spoilers

For those who habitually frequent the internet and social networks, spoilers are a well-known problem. Often you come across, even unwittingly, in posts, articles, news and so on, which somehow spoil the surprise of the discovery of a video game, film, or TV series.

He knows well Hideaki Itsuno game director of the highly anticipated Devil May Cry 5 who has launched an appeal to the fans, to avoid any kind of anticipation on the game, so that all the fans can enjoy it to the fullest, but also out of respect for the developers who have worked hard and long.

"Do not write or look for more spoilers, please, we have spent years making sure that everyone's first experience is the best possible" , Its One wrote on Twitter in a recent post. A position that will undoubtedly be appreciated by those who fight daily against what has become one of the scourges of the web, so we are more than willing to join your appeal.

Before the tweet in question, the director of Capcom had written another post in which he advised interested players to leave the internet completely for a few days: "5 days at the release of Devil May Cry 5. Anyone interested in buying should consider quitting follow the information on the web soon. "

And what strategy do you follow to avoid spoilers on Devil May Cry 5 ? We remind you that the release of the game is scheduled for March 8: Famitsu's first review of the Capcom title was more than positive. Waiting for the release, to learn more, you can take a look at our preview of Devil May Cry 5.

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