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Devil May Cry 5 Guide: how to unlock all Alternate Costumes

Among the various bonuses to be unlocked, Devil May Cry 5 includes a series of alternative costumes for Black Dante V , Lady and Trish . In this mini-guide we will explain how to get them all, how to equip them and what advantages they can achieve in combat.

Devil May Cry 5 Alternative Costumes

In Devil May Cry 5 you can unlock the following alternative costumes: [19659004] EX Dante

  • EX Nero
  • EX Nico
  • EX Vergil
  • EX Lady
  • EX Trish
  • Super Alternate Dante
  • Super Alternate Black
  • Super Alternate V
  • How to you can see from the list, alternative costumes fall into two categories: EX costumes and Super costumes . How do these two variants differ? What do you have to do to get them in the game? We'll explain below.

    EX Costumes

    The EX costumes are limited to changing the color of the various outfits giving the various characters a different look. The costumes EX for Dante Nero Nico Lady and Trish are reserved exclusively for players who have pre-ordered Devil May Cry 5, while those of V and Vergil can be unlocked by everyone. To get the alternative version of V we will have to complete 25 missions, while for Vergil's we need to complete the adventure on the difficulty Heaven or Hell.

    Super costumes

    In addition to giving an alternative aspect, Super costumes also affect abilities of the character wearing them. In this case, the costumes Super Alternate for Black Dante and V allow to obtain an unlimited Devil Trigger , but at the cost of style points. It follows that the game will be heavily facilitated, but you will have a loss of 80% of the style points, which will make it practically impossible to reach the SSS grade. To unlock all three Super costumes you will have to complete the game at the Dante Must Die difficulty level, with any style evaluation.

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    If you want to see all the alternate costumes in action, you can take a look at the video at the top. 19659019] function cc_launch_facebook_pixel () {
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