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Devil May Cry 5 Guide: How to unlock all Secret Missions

As seen in the previous chapters of the series, also in Devil May Cry 5 there are a series of secret missions to find and complete. In this mini-guide we explain how to unlock them all 12.

Secret Mission 1

You will find it during the second mission inside the hotel after the scene where the tentacles will be thrown on the corridor. You will find the area next to a tutorial that will explain how to access it. What is the secret mission? Defeat all enemies.

Secret Mission 2

This will be available within the third mission . When you reach a stairwell, a short film will start showing a hole in the wall. Instead of going through the hole, head to the bottom of the stairwell and align the signs to unlock the secret mission.

Secret Mission 3

You will unlock it during the fourth mission but to do so you will need two Niddhogg Hatchlings. After using one to reach an area with a Blue Orb, you will be able to use the second to climb up the stairwell. Here you will unlock the third secret mission.

Secret Mission 4

You find it during the fifth mission . After fighting the first group of enemies in the warehouse, on the left side in front of you you will see a container: watching carefully you will notice the secret icon light up red on the wall. Summon Nightmare with L1 / LB to break the wall (the operation will require 3 purple bars of Devil Trigger).

Secret Mission 5

This secret mission is located during the eighth mission of the story main. As you move up aboard a language-shaped lift, jump to the right and use nearby tack points to reach a secret area.

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Secret Mission 6

Find it during the ninth mission . In the outer area where you face the first level rider, on the left side behind some screws. While you are in front of them, summon Nightmare with L1 / LB, so as to destroy the blood clot that feeds the vines. In doing so you will open a passage to the secret area.

Secret Mission 7

You will have access to this secret mission during the 10th mission of history. When you are in the room with two red doors full of teeth, one of them will contain a golden ball. The other will give you access to the secret mission.

Secret Mission 8

You find it during the eleventh mission . Entering the ruins of a building you will have to destroy 3 blood clots inside it. After destroying the first lump of blood, a film will start. Go back immediately, jumping to the previous position. Here you will find access to the secret mission.

Secret Mission 9

You will unlock it during the twelfth mission . Going through a tunnel you will notice some incisions on the walls. You will have to turn around and look for a platform to align them all. After doing so, you will have access to the secret mission.

Secret Mission 10

Obtained during the fourteenth mission . After recovering your 3 demonic animals, you will find yourself in an area with a lot of blood. Immediately after destroying the second Blood Clot (obligatory for the progression of the plot), turn around to find the secret area.

Secret Mission 11

You find it during the fifteenth mission . During this chapter you can decide between two different routes. It does not matter which one you choose: in any case you will cross the Divinity Statues (shops where you acquire skills). At the first Divinity Statue you will find 3 collectible items (you will have to go behind the statue). At this point a mini movie will be played showing a fragment of a blue sphere at the top of a hill. Follow the path up to the top to unlock the secret mission.

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Secret Mission 12

The last secret mission can be unlocked during the sixteenth mission of the story.
After fighting the enemy similar to a two-legged toad, it is necessary to descend through the next hole below. Below you will encounter enemy with two lizards and a berserk lizard. Once defeated, look under the platforms leading to the next hole. As you continue to descend, keep an eye on the ruined platform with a large tree at the base. Jump on this platform, destroy the tree and go through the hole in the wall. Look at the platforms below and start to descend until you reach an alcove above the ledge, with another big red tree. Head to the back of the alcove to activate the red light and unlock the secret mission.

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