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Devil May Cry 5: here's how to get the very difficult Platinum trophy

Collectors of trophies and achievements, with Devil May Cry 5 you may have found some bread for your teeth: it seems that completing the list of objectives will be quite difficult and will require a considerable amount of free time. In short, the much desired platinum you'll have to sweat, let's see why.

According to the trophy list of the game, to complete the title to 100% and get the prize called " Worthy of Legend " , it will be necessary to complete each mission obtaining the degree S in all difficulties, except the mode Heaven and Hell . Which means having to complete the videogame at least five times, and be able to get the maximum rank in each mission, and considering that in the difficulty level Hell and Hell the health of the enemies has considerably increased, while the player for to die will suffice to suffer a single blow, you will understand well that it is a level of really bad challenge.

The good news? Compared to the platinum trophy, getting the other achievements will seem like a walk. If the thing does not console you, let yourself be heartened by the news that there are only a few hours left before the release of Devil May Cry 5, which will arrive on our consoles and PC just from March 8.

For more information on the highly anticipated return by Dante and Nero you can take a look at our review of Devil May Cry 5 by Francesco Fossetti. And you, will you try to challenge yourself in the enterprise of platinare the game?

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