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Devil May Cry 5: how to get Red Gems quickly

In the new Devil May Cry 5 you can upgrade each character’s weapons and disposal skills. To do this you will have to shell out a large amount of Red Gems : below we explain how to get them as fast as possible.

To get the Red Gems in Devil May Cry 5 we recommend to concentrate on the following activities:


Red Gems are obtained while you kill enemies, but you will receive many more by increasing your style score. During the clashes, therefore, always try to maximize your scores, so as to get even more Red Gems during the adventure. In this regard, on our pages we have explained below how to perform SSS combos with Dante, Nero and V.

Blocks of Gems and Trees

If you identify the blocks of Gems and the red trees be sure to destroy them with the basic sword attacks. Bunches are quite common, but crystallized demonic blood trees are usually hidden in areas that are difficult to reach or to spot. Always explore the sceneries carefully, without missing out on the chance to get some extra Gems.

Dr. Faust’s Hat

Dr. Faust’s Hat Unlocks with Dante After mission 13 . When you wear it, all enemies hit by the hat will be branded. Attacking a marked enemy, the latter will release a large amount of Red Gems that you must take care to collect. Since you will lose the Gems with your hat, you will have to master the combos and the combat system to get real benefits. By doing a precise and clean job you will be able to earn a good amount of Red Gems.

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Get 85,000 Red Gems in a minute

After upgrading Dr. Faust’s Hat to level 4 replay the mission 13. Towards the end of the mission you will have to destroy four blood clots to advance the story, but there will also be four nests of monsters laying eggs. Equip Dr. Faust’s Hat, switch to ranged combat style (by pressing the left arrow on the d-pad), block enemies with the right backbone and repeatedly press the Circle / button B until all are dead. If done correctly, players should accumulate over 85,000 Red Gems in a single minute. When all the enemies are dead, reload the checkpoint and repeat the operation. The procedure is shown in the video at the top.

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