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Devil May Cry 5 on Switch? First you have to sell Dragon well

Raise your hand if you are not teased by the idea of ​​seeing Devil May Cry 5 on Nintendo Switch . Although it is a rather difficult porting, it is something that all owners of the Big N's hybrid console would probably like to see.

But will it also be Capcom of the same warning? According to a recent interview with Hideaki Itsuno game director of the latest adventure of Dante and Nero the eventuality could also be taken into consideration, but first the success of the release of Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen

This is the version of the game already seen on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, which will arrive on Switch on April 23rd, also directed by Itsuno itself. That the director is simply trying to raise his sales?

Seriously, a release of DMC5 on the console Nintendo is actually quite complicated. First of all, the console came out when the title was already being processed, so it would require a complicated conversion work, even considering the visual power of the game, which on Switch would be rather difficult to obtain. [19659004] Instead the stream of speech is different. Already in the past Capcom made available a cloud version of Resident Evil 7 in Japan, and if Devil May Cry 5 underwent the same treatment, then things would change radically.

what do you think? Would you like such an eventuality? Meanwhile, today is the day one for the highly anticipated Capcom title. To learn more, check out our review of Devil May Cry 5.

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