Devil May Cry 5: second best Steam launch for Capcom, on the podium Monster Hunter World


The fifth installment of Dante's adventures was greeted with great enthusiasm by both the videogame critic and the public, prompting Capcom to celebrate in great style the publication of Devil May Cry 5.

To represent pride for the Company now come some interesting data on the debut of the Game on Steam . The new chapter of Devil May Cry has in fact attracted on the well-known platform more than 77,000 players active simultaneously during the prime 24 hours from its publication. A very remarkable result, which exceeds that obtained by the highly anticipated Resident Evil 2 Remake, which had at the time reached a peak of about 74,000 players

more than significant numbers therefore for Devil May Cry 5 who wins the silver medal, but fails to get the crown of best Title of launch of Capcom on Steam . To hold this title firmly we find Monster Hunter World. The latter, in fact, had recorded at the launch the impressive figure of about 300,000 active players simultaneously on the platform.

For the readers and readers who have just started their adventures based on spectacular combos and demons, we report that on the pages of Everyeye there is a useful Guide to approach Devil May Cry 5 and, of course, our review, by Francesco Fossetti.