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Devil May Cry 5: video with the most spectacular combos

Over the weekend, social networks have been flooded with short videos dedicated to the combo of Devil May Cry V : the players have posted on Twitter, YouTube and Instagram their best companies, where there are also combos that over 100 consecutive shots.

Devil May Cry 5 was launched on March 8 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, welcomed by public and critics, so as to record the second best launch ever for Capcom on Steam, behind Monster Hunter World .

To find out more, we refer to the review of Devil May Cry 5 by our Francesco Fossetti : " Be it an unfortunate sequence of improbable blows as Dante, a hard and metallic fight carried out with Nero's Devil Breaker, or a bestial gangbang organized thanks to the evocations of V, Devil May Cry 5 is a pleasure to to see and to play, exalted, rockeg giand, technique, pleasantly excessive, the action of the game conquers and wins from beginning to end, almost always without reserve: apart from a slight imbalance of the old protagonist, Capcom has assembled a combat system that sits effortlessly at the top of the action game, in terms of diversity and depth "

On Everyeye.it you will also find a guide to the SSS combos and to unlock the secret ending of Devil May Cry 5. Have fun!

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